Distrubution and logistcs

Orders from Sofia and surrounding areas are accepted and fulfilled within 24 hours of receiving them. Orders from the rest of Bulgaria are fulfilled within 48 hours..


Based on both experience and innovation, Pharmalake is able to offer competitive terms and solutions to its customers.


We at Pharmalake are always open for new, fresh and interesting applications. In return we offer an attractive bonus scheme and a professional environment, perfect for career growth.

What else do we offer?

01. Correctness

We are responsible and committed to be the best at what we do, to care about safety, health, environment and quality in the pharmaceutical business. Our Intelligent Indexing system sets out to learn how your company files documents and then automatically optimizes this indexing process.

02. Quality

We believe in personal growth: each employee is unique; and we believe it is our responsibility to help develop their potential. We invest in our employees by fostering the proper environment for their personal growth, and creating exciting professional development opportunities for them.

03. Team

We understand challenge as great opportunity. When we’re working toward an important goal, the last thing we want is to face big, unexpected challenges or obstacles. When we are focused on results it is hard to appreciate the detours caused by new challenges.